About the project

‚Kinesis‘ is a project about dancers in different parts of the world. Huge cities like Tokyo and Athens – or small towns like Shumen in Bulgaria. Having been a dance critic for quite a long time, I decided to leave my comfort zone and to follow my passion for photography. I visit dancers, choreographers and companies around the world, capture their rehearsals and daily routines, sometimes accompanying their  path to new pieces. Always trying to find a connection between the strength and fragility of the dancers and my emotions towards the different urban structures they live in.

About me

Wassilios Nikitakis. Born and raised in Cologne. Working as a culture editor in a big broadcast institution in Germany.  Therefore reading a lot of scripts and scanning many lists with information and news. To compensate for these mainly cerebral pleasures I travel and take a lot of pictures.

lf you want to license a photo or request about working with me on a project please contact me:


+49 16094664429
Genter Str. 23
50672 Köln


TOKYO GHOST STORY, Wiener Zeitung 2018

Anmut in der Unordnung, Wiener Zeitung 2018